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I'm creating a documentation with some included pdf files (mostly diagrams or tables) in the following way.

 \includepdf[pages=1-10, angle=90]{requirements/Requirements.pdf}

The command "includepdf" is supported by the package "pdfpages". My problem now is all of the included pdf pages don't have any page numbers, except for page numbers which where directly in the PDF's itself.

Is it possible to print them? Or is there any other way to include a PDF, show it on the full page and print a page number?

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 \includepdf[pages=1-10, angle=90, pagecommand={}]{requirements/Requirements.pdf}

Add pagecommand={} as one of your options

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If you need page numbers at the bottom,

  pages=1-10, angle=90]{requirements/Requirements.pdf}

Change "plain" to "headings" if you are in the report or book class and want for the included pages the same style as the others.

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What about beamer? – Wok Aug 30 '13 at 21:18
@wok I'm afraid that with beamer things are very different and \thispagestyle has no effect. – egreg Aug 30 '13 at 21:40

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