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I've searched for this but haven't found a solution. Is it possible to have multiple signatures in a letter, one above the other?

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It would be easier to answer if you tell how you write the letter: which document class (scrlttr2, letter, g-brief, dinbrief, lettre, ...) do you use and which code. –  Stefan Kottwitz Aug 21 '10 at 1:18
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At a point, where you place the signature, you could also use a parbox or a minipage environment. So, replace signature text for example just by

\parbox{5cm}{signature one

signature two}


\parbox{5cm}{signature one\\signature two}

to get a two lines, even as argument to another command.

Another way would be to use a tabular environment to stack multiple signatures on top of each other.

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If you're using the letter document class, simply insert this between the \begin{document} and the \begin{letter}:

\signature{Palpatine \\ Emperor \\ \vspace{1.5cm} Darth Vader \\ Lord of the Sith}
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This applies to dinbrief. I used \signature{Mary Sue\hspace{2cm}John Doe} which I prefer over wasting vertical space. –  Raphael Mar 26 at 10:14
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