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LyX is great. I use it to write everyday documents. But it seems that its environment can only have one type; different types of environments can't be mixed. For example, you can't have itemize inside a proof. If you try, either you lose the itemize, or the itemize part become outside of the proof. Can I have itemize inside proofs? You need this when making case distinctions.

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Lyx can perfectly nest environments: All you need to do is to increase the nesting depth (EditIncrease List Depth):

LyX Screenshot

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Have you tried the cases environment?



\begin{proof}Here is the proof and the cases environment:
|x| =
x, & \text{if $x\ge 0$,} \\
-x, & \text{if $x<0$.}

I know that in LyX you can use every package you want and add the code too, so the example should be ok. If I misunderstood what you need, please provide an example of what you want to achieve.

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