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I am using imakeidx to generate a multicolumn index with makeindex.

Here is an excerpt from my .ind:

  \item \BRbooktitlestyle {\BRepistlenumberstyle {1}Jean}                       
    \subitem \BRchapterstyle {2}\BRchvsep \BRversestyle {2} \dotfill            
    \subitem \BRchapterstyle {4}\BRchvsep \BRversestyle {9}\BRvrsep \BRversestyle {10} \dotfill

where \BRfoo are bibleref formatting macros. Unfortunately, the \item is at the bottom of a left column, so the \subitems get pushed to the right column:

column break in index

Is there an equivalent to \nobreak which could be used here to prevent this behaviour, and how?

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Try \makeatletter\g@addto@macro\@idxitem\nobreak\makeatotherin your preamble. – egreg Jun 25 '11 at 22:13
This forces everything on one column and one page... – ℝaphink Jun 26 '11 at 5:37
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You want that a column break is preferred before each \item command; the usual definition of \item in an index is \par\hangindent 40\p@; so something like


may do what needed, after saying in the preamble

\def\breakitem{\par\goodbreak\hangindent 40\p@}

Another trick could be to add


to the definition of \BRbooktitlestyle

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This is perfect! I used the second trick since I'm already redefining the style. – ℝaphink Jun 26 '11 at 11:52
That is really helpful! Unfortunately, I gave a (private) book into print two days ago without this (I had only \nobreak), but the next edition will benefit from your trick. Adding \vadjust{\nobreak} works perfectly. – Thomas F. Sturm Jul 20 at 5:42

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