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I am wondering if there is a way to print a BiBTeX bibliography in a TikZ node. I am making a huge poster, created as a large TikZ image. I want to include a small bibliography list. Is there a way to print this list in a TikZ node, in the correct layout. I know one could just type in in LaTeX code, but I want the bibliography be easy to maintain without worrying about the official standards.


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I am able to get an output with the following code

author= {Peter Griffin},
title= {Ahh that hurts},
journal={Drunken Clam Reviews},



 \node[draw,fill=blue!50, rounded corners] {\parbox{10cm}{\bibliography{\jobname}}};


enter image description here

It seems that it does not work without some sort of box around \bibliography. Probably because there are blank lines introduced in the bbl file.

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