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There should be a simple solution to the following problem, but I have failed to find one.

I have a fresh installation of WinEdt 6.0 and MiKTeX 2.9. I usually use SumatraPDF for preview, using PDFTeXify (ctrl+shift+P in WinEdt).

I would like to invoke biblatex and biber while pdftexifying by pressing something similar to ctrl+shift+P in WinEdt. How do configure WinEdt to do this?

More specifically: I would like WinEdt to run pdflatex, then biber, then pdflatex again, etc. I cannot find a way to instruct WinEdt to run biber. I have biber.exe in MiKTeX's bin directory (put it there myself) and I have tried following instructions found on the web. My LaTeX document is fine and has the biblatex package included (it compiles if I run everything manually from the command prompt).

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This was discussed end of october 2010 on the mailing list of miktex and winedt. In short: you must set the enviroment variable "BIBTEX" and you should add some dummy commands to the aux-file to trigger the biber run. I just made again some tests and it looks as if it is also a good idea to delete the aux-file before the texify run. The heuristic of texify can still fail sometimes. Before making the final document it is a good idea to delete all auxiliary files (or at least the bbl) to get a correct result.

I added this to my local MainMenu.ini in winedt:

  CAPTION="&My commands"
    ITEM="pdfTeXify + biber"
    CAPTION="pdfTeXify + biber"
    MACRO="DeleteFile('%N.aux');SetEnvVar('BIBTEX', 'biber.exe'); Exe('%b\Exec\TeX\PDFTeXify.edt');"

And this is the document I compiled:







I didn't make tests with include. (I actually never use texify so I don't care much about it.)

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Thanks for the answer. I recall having seen a similar solution in a mailing list. However, this solution together with the latex example made me finally run biber successfully. Thanks. – Markus Jalsenius Jun 27 '11 at 16:23

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