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I am using TeXnicCenter .When I generate the .dvi file top margins look decent. Somehow on converting the .dvi to pdf the top margins get squashed. Is this normal? How can I ensure that an inch of margin from the top is always maintained on every page in the final output pdf?

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What class are you using? Is there a reason why you don't use pdf(la)tex or xe(la)tex? – ℝaphink Jun 28 '11 at 10:10

It can be caused by changes during the conversion from DVI to PDF.

You could

  • Use pdfLaTeX for directly producing PDF, since this is your final output format. pdfLaTeX further offers nice microtypographic features available by using the microtype package and more direct access to PDF features such as metadata.

  • Use the geometry package for specifying the margins, it takes care of the driver (such as dvips) and ensures that the desired paper size and pargins will be used.

  • If you really need conversion, check out and use the right options for calling the conversion command dvips or dvipdfmx etc.

My choice would be using geometry (or typearea) together with pdfLaTeX.

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