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When using the Longtable package in a LaTeX Beamerdocument, how can I create a table header shown on every slide containing table contents? The following approach seems not to work:

a & b \\ \endfirsthead
c & d \\ \endhead
fooooooooooo & Bar\\ 
fooooooooooo & Bar\\ 

The headerline with "c d" is never shown. This behaviour doesn't seem right.

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While allowframebreaks technicly works it is declared as 'evil' in the beamer manual. You should always manually decide what and how much is placed on which slide to avoid overfilled slides. So I would recommend to simply use two (or more) tabulars on the same number of slides. – Martin Scharrer Jun 30 '11 at 20:47

use another package:



\tablefirsthead{a & b \\}
\tablehead{c & d \\}

fooooooooooo & Bar\\ 
fooooooooooo & Bar\\ 
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