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Is the LaTeX-package caption compatible with KOMAscript-classes like scrreprt?

(I did not find anything about that in the KOMAscript-Manual, but as KOMAscript redefines a lot for the floats and captions, I wonder if there might be problems.)

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See section 5.4 of the caption manual for an overview of the interplay between KOMA-script and caption. Quoting the "Side effects":

The optional argument of \setcapwidth is not supported and will be ignored if used in conjunction with the caption package. Furthermore the KOMA-Script options tablecaptionabove & tablecaptionbelow and the commands \captionabove & \captionbelow are stronger than the position= setting offered by the caption package.

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Please note that the version 3.1 of the caption package is not adapted to the new features of KOMA-Script3 yet. So currently using \DeclareCaptionType is not recommended since it does not integrate the new floating environments into the new KOMA-Script features, better use \DeclareNewTOC instead. Futhermore \captionaboveof and \captionbelowof are not supported by the caption package yet, and the caption package is not aware of the tocbasic package yet. (This will change in version 3.2 of the caption package.) – Axel Sommerfeldt Jul 3 '11 at 9:31
BTW: As a general rule one can say: If there is a solution offered by KOMA-Script, and a one offered by the caption package, better use the KOMA-Script one. – Axel Sommerfeldt Jul 3 '11 at 9:34

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