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I have a few very simple beamer slides, which are built up this way:

A short introducory text

A picture, which is almost the same in all slides

Unfortunately, the introducory text is sometimes one line, sometimes two lines and sometimes three. Therefore the picture gets always a little bit shifted in its vertical position. Since this is a presentation, I would it like to have it fixed on a certain position, so that it doesn't change when loading the new slide.

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You could use the overprint environment so that the same space is reserved on all slides.

\frametitle<1>{Title for slide 1}
\frametitle<2>{Title for slide 2}
\frametitle<3>{Title for slide 3}

  \onslide<1> introductory text for first slide
  \onslide<2> introductory text for second slide
  \onslide<3> introductory text for third slide
              \\can also be longer



Another simple idea is to add a \vfill between text and graphic to push both apart. Then the graphic will always be at the bottom. A third alternative is to use the textpos package to place the graphic using absolute coordinates.

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This is golden, though for me the issue was for the longest time that I didn't pay attention to the % at the end of the lines. Adding those to the end of my \only{\includegraphics{filename}} solved my problems :) – tor Jun 17 at 11:14

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