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I use \documentclass mwrep.
I want to change:
chapter to have font size 14pt bold
section to have font size 13pt bold
subsection to have font size 12pt bold italic

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My Polish isn't very good, (in fact non-existent) but from the documentation of mwrep I was able to figure out the following:

\SetSectionFormatting{section} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{13}{13}\selectfont}} {10pt plus3pt}
\SetSectionFormatting{subsection} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{12}{12}\selectfont\itshape}} {10pt plus3pt}
\SetSectionFormatting{chapter} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{14}{14}\selectfont}} {10pt plus3pt}
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Check MWCLS Podręcznik użytkownika (texdoc mwcls). There are \SetSectionFormatting, \FormatChapterHeading and similar macros for defining look of chapter, section or subsection headers. You can use there e.g. \fontsize{14}{17}\selectfont for 14pt, etc.

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