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I am using the awesome pgfplots package to draw some plots. I usually use \addlegendentry and get a nice default legend box. There are some options for legend box placement and layout (e.g. number of columns).

For some plots I would like to add a title inside the legend box.

Could not find the something about this in the manual. Does anyone know what is the way to customize the legend box?

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You could perhaps use the \addlegendimage command, as in this discussion from the pgfplots-features mailing list.

An example, with a small \hspace hack to place the title more centered in the legend box:

\begin{axis}[legend pos=south east]
   \addlegendimage{empty legend}
   \addplot {sqrt(x)}; 
   \addplot {ln(x)}; 

   \addlegendentry{\hspace{-.6cm}\textbf{A title}}

enter image description here

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