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scrlttr2 seems to set a line with the address on it. I can't figure out which of the many scrlttr2 options turns it off.

  Solar System\\
  Milky Way\\
  The Universe}
    dot com\\
    The internet}
  \opening{Dear TeXnicians}

  I am having trouble with the above ruled line

  \closing{Yours hopefully}

this line!

I am trying to remove the rule, and the text highlighted...

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To remove the line and the text, add backaddress=off to the class options. To remove just the line, add backaddress=plain to the class options.

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That's great thanks. But this still seems to leave loads of whitespace where the backaddress used to be... – Seamus Jul 15 '11 at 12:16

Set the KOMA variable backaddress to be empty:


or see Michael's suggestion.

To remove the reserved space, set the pseudolength backaddrheight to 0:

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