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Possible Duplicate:
Keeping tables/figures close to where they are mentioned

\usepackage[hidelinks,unicode]{hyperref} %- to zeby byly polskie znaki w bookmarkach + konwersja na utf8







\SetSectionFormatting[breakbefore]{chapter} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{17}{17}\textbf}} {10pt plus3pt}
\SetSectionFormatting{section} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{14}{14}\textbf}} {10pt plus3pt}
\SetSectionFormatting{subsection} {24pt plus5pt minus2pt}
{\FormatHangHeading{\fontsize{12}{12}\textbf}} {10pt plus3pt}


%\language 12345 % wyłącza dzielenie wyrazów
\pdfbookmark{Strona tytułowa}{}


W rozdziale \ref{rozdzial-bzdety} ze strony \pageref{rozdzial-bzdety} znajduje się obrazek \ref{obraz-jesien} na stronie \pageref{obraz-jesien}.

The first paragraph.

    \caption[Opcjonalny skrócony opis do spisu obrazków]{Opis}

The second paragraph.

I expected something like:

The first paragraph.


The second paragraph.

I got:

The first paragraph.    

The second paragraph.


Image is at the very center of next page. How can I fix this?

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This is not a minimal working example (MWE). It will be easier to help you if you provide one. – N.N. Jul 16 '11 at 10:06
This is the most duplicated question ever. Should the linked solutions not helped you please edit your question to state why and flag it for moderator attention. – Martin Scharrer Jul 16 '11 at 10:07
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Use a placement specifier, e.g. you can use [h] as in the following:

... figure contents ...
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