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I would like to make the abstract in KOMA Article appear on both columns, when writing a two column article. I would like to use internal koma options, instead of loading external packages. The following code sample works for me, but it is only to demonstrate what I want, not what I really want (which is not to use external packages like the abstract package)




\title{Some Magnificant Article}
\author{Dr Brainy}

Here is which one-column abstract resides
trying lipsum does not work here 



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The abstract package documentation shows the standard way of doing this without using the package:

     This is a two column abstract. It will stretch over two columns.   

It's not clear you gain much from not using the package, though.

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thanks, it sure helps ! – Oz123 Jul 17 '11 at 18:12

Not for KOMA article class, but for scrbook and scrreprt there is the \setpartpreamble command. In my version of the docs (2012-07-22), p.95:

Parts and chapters in KOMA-Script can be started with a preamble. This is particularly useful when you are using a two column layout with the class option twocolumn, since the heading together with the preamble is always set in a one column layout. The preamble can comprise more than one paragraph. The command to output the preamble has to be placed before the respective \part, \addpart, \chapter, or \addchap command.

And they provide this example:

    This is a filler text. It serves merely to demonstrate the
    capabilities of {\KOMAScript}. If you read this text, you will
    get no information.
\part{Department for Word Processing}
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