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I defined some macros to store data. Them, I typeset them in a table. If one of the macro is not executed (the corresponding data is not available, the row should not appear.



    \ifthenelse{\isundefined{\theversion}}{}{Version: &\theversion\\}%
    \ifthenelse{\isundefined{\therevised}}{}{Revised by: &\therevised\\}%
    \ifthenelse{\isundefined{\theapproved}}{}{Approved by:&\theapproved\\}%

\revised{J. Joe}
\approved{A. Uthor}

The code runs fine if I comment the \revised{J. Joe} line. But if I comment \approved{A. Uthor}, them the following error is rised:

! Misplaced \noalign.
\bottomrule ->\noalign 
                       {\ifnum 0=`}\fi \@aboverulesep =\aboverulesep \global...
l.34 \mytable

Can anyone help me to find the bug? Thanks in advance.

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I don't know precisely what's going on, but it's clearly an expansion problem. It can be solved with more direct syntax:


    p{\dimexpr 0.4\linewidth-2\tabcolsep\relax}
    p{\dimexpr 0.6\linewidth-2\tabcolsep\relax}
    \ifdefined\theversion Version: &\theversion\\\fi
    \ifdefined\therevised Revised by: &\therevised\\\fi
    \ifdefined\theapproved Approved by:&\theapproved\\\fi

There's no need to declare those commands as robust. Moreover tabular* is useless and it's necessary to correct the width to take into account the separation between columns.

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Thanks for the solution. The actual table is defined inside a sidenote of the tufte-latex package, and it is necessary to use the starred version of tabular (I don't know why) – TeXtnik Jul 19 '11 at 7:06

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