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I'm trying to put the whole cftchapfont as uppercase.


does not work at all (it actually messes up everything), nor does:


which only capitalizes \chaptertitlename, nor does:


which only capitalizes the first letter of SNUM (and I've got words such as "premier" for the first chapter).

How can I make sure the whole thing is uppercase?

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You have to patch the \@chapter command, which is responsible for writing the entries in the auxiliary files. The lines




should read with \MakeUppercase{#1} instead of #1.

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I actually ideally wanted small caps, but the font didn't have any. What I did was:

  • edit the TTF in fontforge;
  • add small caps from fontforge;
  • save new font as OTF;
  • load font with Letters=SmallCap in fontspec.

and it did what I wanted.

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