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I'm observing strange behavior with hyperref and the \tableofcontents. Clicking on List of Tables or Synopsis takes me to the Preface page. Perhaps it has something to do with \chapter* titles for these sections.





\section{Section Title}


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See the similar question and answer here: Incorrect bookmarks and page number in table of contents. – Stefan Kottwitz Jul 20 '11 at 9:22
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Add \cleardoublepage\phantomsection before \listoftables.

A \phantomsection seems not to be necessary before \chapter*. The amsbook class is slightly different from book, in that it puts all chapters, numbered or not, in the table of contents. This also creates correctly the anchors for them, but \listoftables and \listoffigures don't use \chapter* internally and so the anchors for them are not created.

It's also good to load the bookmark package after hyperref: it simplifies bookmark management.

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This worked perfectly. Thank you! – user02138 Jul 20 '11 at 9:31

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