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My custom class

The purpose of this class is to create a single PSTricks diagram in a tight paper size.

\ProvidesClass{pst-xport}[2011/07/23 v 0.01 class for creating a single PStricks diagram]





%%%% INTERFACE %%%%







The consumer uses pst-xport class as follows.







However, the consumer settings cannot affect because they come last. How to configure a custom class such that consumer settings must be loaded before the class settings?

Bonus question: How to translate those settings to key-value settings that are more sophisticated?

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You seem to forget about \AtBeginDocument – egreg Jul 22 '11 at 18:51
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You could calculate your settings at the end of the preamble so that the user changes take effect.


Or provide some \updatesettings macro which does all adjustsments.

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