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I am using an online LaTeX compiler(scribtex) so I dont have the luxury of using XeTeX and other LaTeX compilers.

I tried to include unicode text into my document using the following syntax:




song वो पहली बार जब हम मिले

But I get errors like the following on compiling:

Package inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8:प not set up for use with LaTeX.

Any ideas, on how to fix this?

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You can use XeLaTeX with ScribTeX: See the Choose your compiler: pdflatex, latex or xelatex blog entry. – diabonas Jul 23 '11 at 13:19
@diabonas: But there may be no proper font installed. I'm not sure which font I can try. – Leo Liu Jul 23 '11 at 13:26
@Leo Liu Devanagari MT is a font family installed with Mac OS X as default. Maybe you can try it. – Harold Cavendish Jul 23 '11 at 14:56
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Well, it is said that you can choose XeLaTeX in ScribTeX. I think you don't need worry about that.

If there is no font installed in ScribTeX's Linux system, you can try devanagari package in pdfLaTeX. I don't know Devanagari at all, but you can try.

The package doesn't use Unicode for pdfTeX, and needs a preprocess. Thus you may need to download the preprocessor to preprocess the file yourself and upload the file.

% After preprocess
{\dn d\?vAnA\2 E\3FEwy,}

{\dn Dm\0\322w\?/\? \7{k}z\322w\?/\? smv\?tA \7{y}\7{y}(sv, . \\
mAmkA, pA\317wXvA\396w\4v Ekm\7{k}v\0t s\2jy ..}
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