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I have an document that use both IEEEeqnarray and normal equation environment. The equation is set to be left justified with


However IEEEeqnarray is centered. How to make it left justified ?

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I don't think that the IEEE style allows for non centered equations. From what I can see pretty much of what IEEEeqnarray can be done with standard amsmath environments. Can you give an example? – egreg Jul 23 '11 at 22:27
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The IEEEtrantools package which provides the IEEEeqnarray environment currently does not allow for the fleqn class/package option. You can, however, simulate the effect of this option by means of an adequate user-defined glue type:



\IEEEeqnarraydefcolsep{0}{\leftmargini} % any number other than 0 also allowed as glue type




IEEEeqnarray with \leftmargini indent

This also works if the amsmath package is not present.

Note that the amsmath package defines a switch \if@fleqn. Using this switch you could redefine the IEEEeqnarray environment to automatically include the 0 glue type whenever the fleqn option is specified.

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