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I am using a plain sort in my thesis. However, ordering the authors by last name does not help the reader find where the author/reference was cited within the book.

Using the unsrt option would not help me for 2 reasons: 1. it will give a relative location of the citation based on the previous/later citations but not the page number (for example, reference 10 is cited after 9 in the book, and before reference 11) 2. a reference can be cited throughout multiple pages in the book (for example, reference 10 can be cited at page 20, 50, 100).

Is there a way to automatically sort my references alphabetically, and at the end of each reference have the page numbers where the reference was cited within the book?

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There is a package backref for use with BibTeX, which also works with Hyperref.
With Hyperref it should suffice to add a package option backref or backref=page.

It is not compatible with BibLaTeX, which has an option backref=true, false.

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