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I followed an example from TikZ manual, and modify mine to add an extra node with text below a given node. This is the example from TiKZ manual, enter image description here

And here is the code, enter image description here

So I modified my code to fit the example above,


\title{\textbf{Solution for Chapter 1}}


    \item[1.1] The following are the state diagrams for two DFAs, $M_1$, and $M_2$. Answer the following question 
    about each of these machines.\\

    \begin{tikzpicture}[shorten >=1pt,node distance=2cm,on grid,auto]
    \node[state,initial]    (q_1)                           {$q_1$}; 
    \node[state,accepting]  (q_2)   [right=of q_1]          {$q_2$}; 
    \node[state]            (q_3)   [below right=of q_1]    {$q_3$}; 

    (q_1) edge  [bend left]     node {a}            (q_2)
    (q_1) edge  [loop above]    node {b}            (q_1)
    (q_2) edge  [bend left]     node {a,b}          (q_3)
    (q_3) edge  [bend left]     node {a}            (q_2)
    (q_3) edge  [bend left]     node {b}            (q_1)

    \node [below=4cm, text width=4cm] at (q_3)


But the pdflatex compiler run forever, it's just freezed completely. I don't know where did I miss? It seemed logically correct. Any idea or suggestion? Thank you.

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I figured it out. An annoying ; after \path cost me a lot of times :(. – Chan Jul 24 '11 at 21:02

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