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The \appendix command resets the section counter to zero:


Document Class: article 2007/10/19 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class
> \appendix=\long macro:
->\par \setcounter {section}{0}\setcounter {subsection}{0}\gdef \thesection {\@
Alph \c@section }.

My understanding of \section is that it creates a bookmark based on the current counter number? In the following, I feel that I reproduce the critical parts of what \appendix does before declaring \section{six}, but it does not work.


Instead, \section{six} has a bookmark which leads to \section{four}. The output of LaTeX understandably shows:

pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same identifier
(name{appendix.A}) has been already used, duplicate ignored

So I don't understand why this is happening. Does \appendix do more than what I think it is doing? The redefinition \thesection does not seem relevant here.

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The hyperref package modifies \appendix, so that it does indeed more than just resetting the counters and changing \thesection.



> \appendix=macro:
->\ltx@IfUndefined {chapter}{\gdef \theHsection {\Alph {section}}}{\gdef \theHc
hapter {\Alph {chapter}}}\xdef \Hy@chapapp {\Hy@appendixstring }\HyOrg@appendix

So it also sets \Hy@chapapp to the value of \Hy@appendixstring (which defaults to appendix). I suppose (but haven't checked) that the links hyperref creates are called \Hy@chapapp.\theH⟨current sectional unit⟩.

\HyOrg@appendix just contains the original definition of \appendix, which is also executed.

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