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I have a table with citations in it and I use apacite for citation. Here is a short example:

\caption{\textit{  }}
Authors & Sample\\
\citeNP{Caroselli200613}    &   141 \\

When the reference in the first column is really long, the table doesn't fit the page. Is there a way to limit the size of a cell or to force line breaking within a reference?

I looked at other questions, but they all concern text within the cells where you can manually specifiy the line breaking.

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This will typeset the citation as a justified paragraph with line length half the normal line length. Adjust to suit your needs.

If you prefer that the citation is typeset raggedright, then you must \usepackage{array} and the command will become


Some words about your input. Never say \begin{table}[h]: if TeX is not able to place the table "there", it will postpone it to the end of the chapter together with all subsequent tables. The purpose of the table environment is to let them "float" in order to get good pagination.

Don't use the center environment in table, but rather the simple \centering declaration (put it in place of \begin{center} and delete \end{center}).

The \label command refers to the table. Its place is just after the \caption (and outside the tabular environment).

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