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When I compile my bibliography it lists the names as "John Smith" instead of "Smith, John". How do I change this? By the way, I am using BibDesk.

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BibDesk is only a database manager; what influences the typesetting of the references is the argument to \bibliographystyle in your document. – egreg Jul 27 '11 at 23:35
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As @egreg put in his comment, the appearance of names in the reference list is managed by the bibliography style.

To give a simple example of this using the .bib file:

      author = "Adam Man and Eve Woman",
      title = "This book",
      publisher = "Men \& Women",
      year = 2025

The .tex file

Found in \cite{abk}.


produces the output

but the .tex file

Found in \cite{abk}.


, which differs only in the \bibliographystyle line, produces the output

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