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I have a formula in the equation environment that goes like

Foo = \bigcup_{x \in veryveryveryverylongdescription} Bar(x)

Because the state space's description is long, the Bar(x) is rejected far away from the \bigcup. I would like Bar(x) to be right next to the union symbol, above the description.

Can this be done cleanly? Or shall I try to have with two equations, some vspace and horizontal space shifts?

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Use the \smashoperator macro from the mathtools package:




\[ \mathit{Foo} =
   \smashoperator{\bigcup_{x \in \text{long text}}} \operatorname{Bar}(x) \]

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I would suggest to try also \smashoperator[r]{...}; this depends on the "long text": if not very long, pushing it under the equals sign may be OK, but not if it goes beyond it. – egreg Jul 28 '11 at 10:48

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