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Using the package memoir, I am having some trouble creating my (Oh so simple) custom title page.

In the preamble, I have this:


So, I get two columns for the text which is what I want. The definition I have for the title is this:

\drop = 0.08\textheight
    {\Huge{The Title}}\\
    {\Large{A funky subtitle}}\\
    {by The Author}\\

Finally, in the document body, I have:


What happens is that the title is centred on the left column and not in the centre.

What have done wrong? I suspect it's really simple and I am just being dense.

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You forgot to put \titleDS in a titlingpage environment:


My version of memoir doesn't know about the option medievalpage, just about the command \medievalpage. The explicit option pdftex should never be used (with the exception of the crop package in some cases). The correct option is twoside and not twosides.

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