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In my plot, I want to indicate the direction of a graph with arrows.

Usually, I would just create something like this:

        axis x line=center,
        axis y line=center,
    \addplot[smooth,domain=-3.5:2.7,mark=none,black]{-(x/1.5+0.1)^2 + 2};
     decoration={markings,mark=at position 1 with {\arrow[ultra thick]{stealth}}},
     ] (axis cs:-0.6,\arronestart) -- (axis cs:-0.59,\arroneend);
     decoration={markings,mark=at position 1 with {\arrow[ultra thick]{stealth}}},
     ] (axis cs:2.69,\arrtwostart) -- (axis cs:2.7,\arrtwoend);

Now, what I would like to have is a legend entry for those arrows, something like: ->- , but of course this is not possible with \draw[] ;. So, is there a way to have arrows as markings, so that I can create the same graph just using \addplot instead of \draw and have a proper legend?

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Do graphs have directions? – Thorsten Donig Jul 31 '11 at 10:34
I am not sure, but I think they don't. – mSSM Jul 31 '11 at 14:07
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You can use the \addlegendimage command to document custom draw statements:

        \draw[red,->] (axis cs:0,1) -- (axis cs:1,2);

Here, the \addlegendimage provides the options to visualize the legend entry and \addlegendentry provides the text.

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Great, that really helps. Thank you! – mSSM Jul 31 '11 at 23:23

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