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I'm using estout (esttab actually) to produce a table in Latex from Stata. I'm using the dcolumn package to align the decimal places in my table.

I want to override the alignment for a single row; to be specific the number of observations row. Is there a way of doing this? Or, equivalents, if there a way to prefix each element in a row with "\multicolumn{1}{c}{" and suffix with "}", which would override the dcolumn alignment?


\caption{My Table}
Var A               &        8.68&        8.51&        8.92\\
                    &        2.42&        2.51&        2.26\\
Var B               &        2.14&        1.98&        2.37\\
                    &        1.33&        1.29&        1.35\\
Observations        &       38040&       22054&       15986\\


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The excellent siunitx package would make things a bit easier.


    \caption{My Table}
                   & {Mean/s.d.} & {Mean/s.d.} &{Mean/s.d.} \\ \midrule
      Var A        & 8.68        & 8.51        & 8.92       \\
                   & 2.42        & 2.51        & 2.26       \\ \addlinespace
      Var B        & 2.14        & 1.98        & 2.37       \\
                   & 1.33        & 1.29        & 1.35       \\ \midrule 
      Observations & {38040}     & {22054}     & {15986}    \\ \bottomrule

The additional grouping with curly braces lets the concerned cell content appear as simple text and not as a number to be parsed. Details for customization in the package manual.

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Have you tried playing with the layout suboption of stats? It looks like it accepts the text entry, so you might want to try something like

estout ... , stats(N , layout("\multicolumn{1}{c}{@}"))

Hm. If I try it as

    sysuse auto, clear
    reg mpg wei for
    estout , stats(N , layout("\multicolumn{1}{c}{@}"))

it seems to produce the formatting in the variables column, as well. Ah well.

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The stats(.) option does work, but requires a slight modification: stats(N,layout("\multicolumn{1}{c}{@} label("Observations")) - this overrides the multicolumn wrapper around the variable name. Thanks StasK! – user870029 Aug 3 '11 at 17:46

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