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I am using a multicolumns article template for some kind of CV profile. I have all working as intended except of 1 small problem.

In my first column, I have quite some high amount of white space (between bottom of photo and "Profil"), that I don't understand how to remove. You can see an example in the picture below.Column with white space

The corresponding code is:


{\LARGE John Doe}\ lorem \ ipsum


lorem ipsum \begingroup \leftskip 1cm \includegraphics{foobar} \rightskip\leftskip \endgroup \NewPart{Profil} \subsection{Berufserfahrung} \begingroup \leftskip 0.7cm {\em (11 months)} Sfoobar \\ [0.6ex] {\em (2 months)} Blorem ipsum \\ [0.6ex] {\em (3 months)} foo bar \\ [0.6ex] \rightskip\leftskip \endgroup

Is there any way to remove all the spacing beween section and figure (as in the picture below)?

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A full working example with preamble would be helpful. – Seamus Aug 2 '11 at 17:14

ok, inserting a


a bit downstream gives the column flow as desired :)

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But it may also cause a \raggedbottom look of the document? I guess this is fine in a CV. Do you know whether the image \includegraphics{foobar} has some whitespace at the bottom that is included due to an over-sized bounding box? – Werner Aug 2 '11 at 17:19

I had the same issue and just used


Happens to work fine!

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Welcome to TeX.sx! You can highlight code by selecting it and clicking the {} button on the toolbar. – Torbjørn T. Nov 25 '12 at 17:49

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