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I'm new to this forum (and relative new to LaTeX).

After upgrading MiKTeX to the latest version yesterday evening I'm unable to compile a document containing an \begin{itemize} ... \end{itemize} construction within an tabulary or tabularx environment.

\documentclass[fontsize=11pt, paper=a4, twoside, headinclude, footinclude, headsepline, footsepline, BCOR=5mm]{scrreprt}

\captionabove{Test Table}
\label{tab:Test Table}
%    \begin{tabularx}{\textwidth}{XX}
    \color{white}\textbf{Column 1} & \color{white}\textbf{Column 2}\\
    Col 1 / Row 1 & Col 2 / Row 1:
                \item Item 1 with a long text which must be wrapped into the next line
                \item Item 2 with a long text which must be wrapped into the next line
    Col 1 / Row 2 & Col 2 / Row 2\\
    Col 1 / Row 3 & Col 2 / Row 3 and again, a column with a long text which must be wrapped into the next line\\
    Col 1 / Row 4 & Col 2 / Row 4\\
%    \end{tabularx}

The errormessages for tabulary are:

Zeile 35: Undefined control sequence \end{tabulary}
Zeile 35: Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item. \end{tabulary}
Zeile 35: Undefined control sequence \end{tabulary}

and for tabularx they are:

Zeile 34: Undefined control sequence \end{tabularx}
Zeile 34: Undefined control sequence \end{tabularx}

Before upgrading to the latest version everything was ok (tested with tabularx). Does anybody has a hint for me why it's no longer working or is this a bug?

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Well for me your example already chokes (unsurprisingly) on the undefined \rowcolor, \color, \toprule. Are you sure you tested really exactly this code?

Anyway: Looking at the code of tabulary I would say that lists can't work in the LCRJ column of tabulary. The content of such cells are processed first in columns of type l and there lists are not allowed. This is not new: tabulary has not been changed recently.

tabularx should work fine (and works fine for me in an up-to-date miktex if I add all the missing packages in your example).

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Hi Ulrike, you were right. I missed the packages in my democode. Sorry. It's working fine with tabularx for me and not with tabulary as you described. – Peter Aug 3 '11 at 17:27

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