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I am attempting to adapt the tufte-latex style to typeset a Ph.D dissertation. The style currently uses the natbib/bibentry package to insert full-text citations as numbered side-notes, and also emits a full bibliography at the end of the document. I would like to modify the document to use a shorter cite format (showing "et al" rather than full author list; removing URLs/DOIs/etc) for these side-note citations, but retain the full citation at the end of the document. I'm also leaning heavily towards using biblatex instead of bibtex, for a variety of reasons.

So the question: is it possible to create a custom, abbreviated citation style and instruct biblatex to use it in some places, and the primary/standard style in the main bib? I don't mind defining a new command (it's not necessary to redefine \fullcite, I'd rather use \abbrevcite or something).

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You don't need to define custom cite commands, but just different settings for citations v. bibliographies. For showing "et al" in citations simply use the package options maxbibnames and maxcitenames; for removing certain fields only in citations use \AtEveryCitekey and \clearfield.




  author = {Author, A. and Buthor, B. and Cuthor, C. and Duthor, D.},
  year = {2001},
  title = {Alpha},
  url = {http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/12806/510},



Some text \footfullcite{A01}.


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If I needed to create this compressed citation style as a distinct cite command that would work independent of \AtEveryCitekey changes and the selected citation style, would you reccomend starting with DeclareCiteCommand? I've been reading about it in the documentation and looking for demos, but I haven't convinced myself that this is the command that will do it. – EngBIRD Jun 24 at 19:35

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