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I'm using the endnotes package for enabling endnotes within my document. With an English document it is no problem but when I'm using it within a German document and added the ngerman package, the heading created by \theendnotes still reads "Notes" and not the German equivalent "Anmerkungen".

I suspect I need to redefine a command specifying the heading explicitly, but which command do I need to redefine?

Thanks for your help.

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OK, after grepping the sty file I found this:

% JK  Introduced \notesname in the spirit of international \LaTeX.
% JK  \notesname is set per default to be {Notes}, but can easily
% JK  be redifined, e.g. for german language
% JK  \renewcommand{\notesname}{Anmerkungen}

Nothing to add, I suppose;)

(My previous answer, with \renewcommand{\theendnotes}{Anmerkungen}, was obviously wrong - sorry.)

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This overrides the whole command so only this text is displayed. The list of notes does not appear anymore. – Torbjoern Aug 4 '11 at 10:39
:) Thank you for this. Couldn't have been easier. – Torbjoern Aug 4 '11 at 13:43

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