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I was wanting to know how is it possible to create a math symbol in color to position correctly. I have used the following but the top limit does not center properly. Sorry for the verbage as I don't know how to word the question precise and clearly. Here is a mwe of the problem:



\[ \sum_{\color{red} m=0}^{\color{red}{\infty}}  \]


Which produces the following below:

enter image description here

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Use \textcolor instead, such as

\[ \sum_{\textcolor{red}{m=0}}^{\textcolor{red}{\infty}}  \]

color in math example

\color is a switch / declaration, it requires grouping to limit its effect such as by additional curly braces. \textcolor affects just its argument and works for math as well.

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Thanks. Seems like I did that but not for both. I thought since color worked for the lower limit I could leave that alone and alter the top limit by doing this. \[ \sum_{\color{red}{m=0}^{\textcolor{red}{\infty}} \]. But I see now that does not work :) Thanks for the quick response. – night owl Aug 10 '11 at 10:16

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