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I would like to specify two different lstset settings in one latex file: one for java code, one for html. Is this somehow possible?

The solution of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2654810/how-to-reset-lstset-settings-for-listings does not seem to be appropriate for my document because I have more than just one html listing.

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Every lstlistings block can have its own formatting commands. So:






If you want to use two distinct listings and resetting the listings like this manually is a hassle, just create some new environments with lstnewenvironment for example:


page 40 of the listings manual has the details

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I use a style definition for every language, here is an example for makefiles:

    identifierstyle= %plain identifiers for make

To include this style, I use

    caption={[Makefile]Makefile, foobar},

Other styles have another value for language(and other settings for keywords, tabsizes etc.)

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enter image description here

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How can I combine the flexibility of your answer with \lstnewenvironment, such that I can keep my custom environment, yet switch the languages e.g. \begin{customenv}[language=bash] and have another one like \begin{customenv}[language=java] and have another one like \begin{customenv} that defaults to [language=java] or just plain without syntax highlighting? – macmadness86 Feb 10 '15 at 14:52

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