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There is a command for just slightly increasing the text height of a particular page, something like stretchthispage or so. I know where it is in the LaTeX guide that I have at home, but I'm at work right now so I don't have access to it and I'm having difficulties googling for it.

Anyone who knows it of the top of their heads? Thanks.

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You can use \enlargethispage{<length>} on the page in question, where <length> is usually a multiple of \baselineskip (the distance between two lines), e.g. 2\baselineskip.

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THAT's it! Thank you very much for the speedy answer! =) – gablin Aug 15 '11 at 7:51

two choices, e.g.:

at top of the page write: \vspace*{-2cm} to shift up the start line anywhere in the page write; \enlargethispage{2cm} for more space at the bottom

instead of 2cm it makes sense to use multiples of \normalbaselineskip

If you are alread using package geometry you can also try \newgeometry{...} for a new page layout.

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