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I have a style sheet that has some problems. At this point I am just writing my paper and do not really care about \viiipt warnings and errors. So I need to press enter a million times to skip errors while my latex file is compiling .

Is there any way to tell the compiler (Latex2Pdf) that I want to skip all the errors?

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Type latex --help and check out -interaction=. An example can look like this:

 latex -interaction=nonstopmode file.tex
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Correct the errors directly. At some point in the future you will have an error which completly prevent the generation of the document and then you will have a very hard time to get around this problem if you have tons of other error messages still lurking around in your log.

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You can use \keepsilent in the preamble. This will suppress all messages as well. However, it is normally best to keep on correcting as you go along.

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\keepsilent doesn't seem to be a standard LaTeX macro. Did you mean \scrollmode? – TH. Aug 31 '10 at 20:06

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