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For some part of a two-column scrbook of mine, I need to actually get a three-column layout: Two columns text, and a third column with a table (or a boxed enumeration, that would work too).

Both columns of text and the table / enumeration have to be shorter than a page (for contextual reasons), so column / page breaks are not an issue here.

I was hoping to somehow commandeer geometry and \marginpar (or similar) for the purpose - setting a 1/3rd textwidth margin with \newgeometry, and then pushing my "third column" there.

However, setting up margins for a twocolumn document gives a margin on both sides of the page.



Now, I could tweak the page geometry a bit so that the inner margin gets pushed off-page, and set the \marginpar (or whatever) in the second column on recto pages and in the first column on verso pages...

But before I do that hack-ish thing: Is there, by any chance, a switch in either KOMA or geometry that would tell LaTeX that I want only one margin on the outer side of the page, with \marginpar's from the inner column being pushed there too?

Edit: Or generally a better way to achieve a "temporary third column"?

Edit 2: Apparently, no "easy" way to get margin paragraphs "moved over". On second thought, it wouldn't make much sense, from a typographical point of view, since it wouldn't be clear which column is annotated. Ah well, I'll hack my way around it. ;-)

Voting to close as "too localized" myself.

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Don't use geometry: use KOMA script's own typearea package... – Seamus Aug 16 '11 at 14:49
I have no experience with it, but the multicol package should allow you to have 3 columns for some part (or all) the document. – Caramdir Aug 16 '11 at 16:56
@Seamus: Thanks for the hint at typearea. But since I am trying to emulate an existing layout, specifying widths explicitly via geometry is actually easier for me than handling the "more comfortable" automatic calculations of typearea. (Perhaps in my next project. ;-) ) – DevSolar Aug 17 '11 at 8:38
With \areaset{Width}{Height} you can set the type block to a specific width and height... – Seamus Aug 17 '11 at 9:28

Add the option \documentclass[mpinclude=true]{scrreprt}, which expands the margin space, so \marginpar{...} perhaps can be used the way you want.

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