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I am drawing a diagram with tikzpicture. The main idea is to draw several boxes of texts framed, and link them with lines...

What I know is using \filldraw to draw boxes, \node to write one line of text, and \draw to make a line. But I have to adjust every coordinator of every element... So my question is:

1) Is it possible to write a text of several lines?

2) Is it possible to frame a text of serveral lines?

Could anyone help? Thank you very much!

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A \node can contain several lines of text; you can use the align= key and manually change lines with \\, or you can specify a width for the text:



  \node[draw,align=center] (A) at (0,0) {some\\ text \\ spanning \\ several \\ lines};
  \node[draw,align=center,text width=1.5cm] at (3,0) {some text spanning several lines};


enter image description here

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