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After installing the Predictive Mode package for Emacs 23.3 on Windows 7, it will not load the LaTeX libraries when I run the Predictive-Mode function. I get the following message:

Warning (emacs): Predictive major-mode setup function predictive-setup-latex failed; latex-mode support disabled

Predictive mode is functional for non-Latex documents. Has anyone run into this before? How do I get predictive mode to work for Latex documents, which is why I wanted to install it anyway?

The path to the predictive folder and the latex folder is C:\Program files (x86)\emacs\.emacs.d\predictive\latex.

Any thoughts?

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While emacs questions aren't exactly off topic here, they tend to go unanswered. You might be better off asking your question on SuperUser – Seamus Aug 19 '11 at 15:08

Predictive Mode must be compiled. Please, check the answer on SuperUser

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