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Good afternoon,

Unfortunately I'm getting a "! Missing } inserted.

<inserted text> 
l.23 **\xymatrix{$\CIRCLE$ $\CIRCLE$ & $\CIRCLE$ }
? "

What's wrong with my code, as far as I can tell, all my braces are matched :\

Thanks for all suggestions,



\author{Alec Taylor}

\date{August 23, 2011}


\xymatrix{$\CIRCLE$ $\CIRCLE$ & $\CIRCLE$ } % <-- Causes the error

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\xymatrix{...} implies math mode, so you don't have to (and, in fact, mustn't) use $ in the cells.

Your code works if you just remove the $:

\xymatrix{\CIRCLE \CIRCLE & \CIRCLE }
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Thanks. Also, is this the best way to draw a graph (just 3 vertices [outline of triangle] no edges)? – A T Aug 23 '11 at 8:37

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