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Is there a way to put addrfrom and addrto on the same vertical height when one of them is left-justified and another is aligned to the right? This is basically the layout I'm trying to achieve:

[\addrto]      [\addrfrom]


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You can use the \addrto macro to manually place both addresses using \parboxes:


\nameto{George Bush} 
\namefrom{Paul Thompson} 

\setlength\lento{2in}% width of the box for \addrto
\setlength\lenfrom{2in}% width of the box for \addrfrom

\addrto{\parbox[t]{\lento}{The White House \\ Washington, DC}%
  \parbox[t]{\lenfrom}{\raggedleft The Pink House in Avon \\ Belleville, IL}}

\greetto{Dear Mr. Bush,}


\closeline{Sincerely yours,} 

How are the azaleas?


enter image description here

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Thanks! And pardon me for the huge delay. I couldn't figure out the letrinfo.tex error and thought that my texlive installation was broken. \o/ – plaes Sep 20 '11 at 9:03
In order to suppress some of the whitespace it is possible to add \vspace{-1cm} inside the \addrto. – Rovanion Jul 16 '13 at 12:20

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