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Say I want to draw a simple graph in LaTeX.

I'm interested to know if you can write a for loop or something to create things like lines or squares programmatically in LaTeX.

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TikZ is a powerful graphic package. It's a front end for the pgf package and can be used for programming drawings such as graphs. for loops a easy with TikZ.

Have a look at

If you would like to program more in general, you may consider to use LuaTeX, which allows using Lua as scripting language.

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You can can also use the bundle pstricks:

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LaTeX running on top of TeX or pdfTeX or XeTeX is a Turing complete programming language, but you are probably more interested in LuaLaTeX, as that offers Lua, a "modern" scripting language.

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In fact TeX is itself a kind of scripting language (and it is a Turing complete programming language cf. Wikipedia article). There are packages that wraps in a neat way bare-bones TeX to supply basic imperative constructs like loops and conditionals: forloop, ifthen (concerning the later see also this discussion). I used to use these packages, one example of mine could be found in this directory, basically it includes bodies of CardBodyN.tex many times in for-loop, the loop itself is located in the document.tex, you're welcome to ask further questions…).

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