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I'm using a lot of \lstinputlisting in my document and the compilation of it is really slow. Why it takes so long? How could I make things better?

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I guess, \lstinputlisting does a lot of parsing which takes time. The manual for the listings package mentions the option savemem which can reduce compile time if you use a lot of languages. Or use the draft option to print only captions and define labels, but omit the actual listing.

I have in my current document an appendix with a lot of listings. I omit the appendix with the versions package to save some time.

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Thanks. The savemem didn't actually save me any noticable time. I even use \lstloadlanguages just like manual says, but that didn't do either. But the draft works just fine for me – Łukasz Klich Aug 28 '11 at 8:43

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