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I am trying to add linebreaks in my table cell but found that LyX doesn't allow me to. How can I insert a newline inside a table cell?

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If you want to specify the width of the cell: How to break a line in a table. If you just want to break the line without specifying a width: How to add a forced line break inside a table cell – Jake Aug 28 '11 at 10:01
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go into the menu of the tabular (right mouse click when cursor is inside the tabular) and then choose a width for the column. Then you can have linebreaks inside this cell with \newline or with an empty line for a new paragraph.

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Once the width has been defined, the useful shortcut for a linebreak is ctrl+shift+enter. – landroni Jan 22 at 16:06
@landroni in latest versions of Lyx it seems the shortcut is no longer necessary, a simple enter is enough to do a linebreak. – gaborous May 31 at 20:54

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