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Following this question: I want to create an environment for a table with the following specifications:

The left column is a vertically centered rotated text, saying Övning. The right column contains paragraphs of text, so I want an empty line for each paragraph (as if I'm using \usepackage[parfill]{parskip}) and \\ to just give me a line break.

The previous question fixed the paragraph issue but broke the centering for the left column. Also, if I use line breaks

Here's my environment now:


  \advance\parskip by 0pt plus 2pt
   \setlength{\parfillskip}{30pt plus 1fil}}p{#1}}

    \begin{tabular}{m{0.05\textwidth}|P{0.85\textwidth}}   # using m in the second column gives back the vertical centering
    \rotatebox{90}{\textbf{Övning}} & \textbf{#1}

I can use it like so:

Övningen finns under Warmup-1 $\rightarrow$ makes10.

Du är given två heltal, \texttt{a} och \texttt{b} som parametrar. Skriv en funktion som returnerar \texttt{True} om ett av talen är 10 eller om summan av dem är 10.

\texttt{makes10(9, 10)} $\rightarrow$ \texttt{True}

\texttt{makes10(9, 9)}  $\rightarrow$ \texttt{False}

\texttt{makes10(1, 9)}  $\rightarrow$ \texttt{True}

This produces the following resultenter image description here:

However, if I introduce line breaks, like so:

\texttt{makes10(9, 10)} $\rightarrow$ \texttt{True} \\
\texttt{makes10(9, 9)}  $\rightarrow$ \texttt{False} \\
\texttt{makes10(1, 9)}  $\rightarrow$ \texttt{True} \\

Then it breaks my table:

enter image description here

So, I want to be able to use line/paragraph breaks in the right column as usual and I want the text in the vertical column to be centered.

I'm using xelatex with polyglossia (this caused an issue in the previous question).

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\\ ends the current row. With \newline instead of \\ it works as expected.

For vertical centering, use an m column also in your own definition:

  \advance\parskip by 0pt plus 2pt
   \setlength{\parfillskip}{30pt plus 1fil}}m{#1}}
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Thank you so much! Accepted. – pg-robban Aug 28 '11 at 16:17

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