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In my document (using KOMAScript and babel[ngerman]) I have various figures which get captions like "Abbildung 1: ...".

However, as soon as I add a \appendix to the document all those captions change to "Abbildung 1.: ..." (dot in front of the colon). Apparently this is a feature - I want to disable it anyway!

Using pointlessnumbers in the \documentclass options I can get rid of this dott - but then I also lose the dot in chapter/section numbers which I want to keep since "1. Introduction" looks much better than just "1 Introduction".

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Instead of using the pointlessnumbers class option, remove \autodot from the definition of \figureformat.


%  \autodot% DELETED




\caption{A figure}




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Thanks, that worked. – ThiefMaster Sep 2 '11 at 13:23

Just had the same problem with the 'dot' in the figure, respectively table.

Found that


does the same trick and is much easier than using renewcommands. Just add it to your existing preambles, separated by comma, e.g.

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The OP wanted to get rid of the closing dots in captions, but wanted to keep the dots for chapters/sections. That's what my \renewcommand was for. :-) – lockstep Jan 4 '12 at 15:14

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