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How to run htlatex with biblatex bibliography included? That's the simplest example:





I run in that way:

latex main
biber main
htlatex main

At the last stage htlatex asks about "Undefined control sequence":

\blx@begunit ...penalty \@M \hskip -\blx@unitmark 
                                              \relax \hskip \blx@unitmar...
l.7 Text.\cite{dickens1881great}

And there's a lot of such errors in log file, but htlatex allows to skip them. Also, the html are not so good. Lack of punctuation, formatting:

<p class="noindent" ><a 
 id="X0-dickens1881great"></a>C.  Dickens<span 
class="cmti-10">Great Expectations</span>Penguin  English  librarypt.  1Dent1881<span 
href="http://books.google.com/books?id=fhUXAAAAYAAJ" class="url" ><span 

Is it the best result possible or I did something wrong?

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The biblatex adaption of tex4ht is not up-to-date. It relies on a command which no longer exists. Try

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