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I am using the memoir document class to write my first book in calculus. How I can display my name, for example, on each page?

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The memoir document class provides a means to typeset your own headers and footers using a combination of

  \makeevenhead{<style>}{<left>}{<center>}{<right>}% Even page header
  \makeoddhead{<style>}{<left>}{<center>}{<right>}% Odd page header
  \makeevenfoot{<style>}{<left>}{<center>}{<right>}% Even page footer
  \makeoddfoot{<style>}{<left>}{<center>}{<right>}% Odd page footer

In the above, you define the style <style>. Consequently, if you want to typeset the author name (and a copyright symbol) in the outer footer, with the page number still in the footer centre, you could use

\documentclass{memoir}% http://ctan.org/pkg/memoir
\makepagestyle{mystyle}% Define 'mystyle' page style
  \makeevenfoot{mystyle}{\textcopyright\ Author name}{\thepage}{}% Even page footer
  \makeoddfoot{mystyle}{}{\thepage}{\textcopyright\ Author name}% Odd page footer
\pagestyle{mystyle}% Set page style to 'mystyle'

Own footer style in memoir document class

The copyright symbol in LaTeX is obtained via \copyright or \textcopyright. Of course, you can modify the design of both the header and footer to your liking.

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